Covid Guidelines for Rec Basketball

Wellington Recreation Commission Youth Basketball COVID Guidelines
As we are finally about to start our Youth Basketball League Schedule on January 9th, 2021
there will be several guidelines that we must follow to be able to have our basketball season.
The school district has been willing to work with us and we must respect their guidelines for
allowing us to be in their buildings for practices and games. The following are restrictions and
guidelines that will be enforced during WRC Basketball games at the Wellington High School
and Wellington Middle School:
-Only players in uniform and two adult spectators will be allowed to attend youth basketball
games per participant(s) family. They must check in upon arrival. After the allotted number of
spectators have checked in for the participant(s) family, then any additional persons will be
asked to leave. No siblings or children/infants will be allowed to attend.
-Parents that are coaches will count as one of the two spectators allowed.
-Parents/Guardians/etc. attending basketball games should arrive no more than 10 minutes
early for their game and leave immediately after the game’s conclusion. There will be a 10
minute buffer between each game to allow for everyone to exit the gym before the next group
comes into the gym.
-Face coverings are required of all in attendance at all times and should be worn in a manner
that it is intended to be worn-covering the mouth and nose.
-Coaches will be required to wear a face covering at all times. Players must wear a face covering
while entering and exiting the building and any time that they are not actively participating in
the activity.
-Social distancing is expected at all times.
-No food or drinks allowed inside the gym. All food and drink items must be consumed in the
commons area.
-Do not congregate in the hallways or on the court. Coaches should handle any postgame
meetings with the team only or in the commons area.
-Each town that hosts games may have differing guidelines and they are expected to be
followed and respected.